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Young Researcher’s Session in LOGMS2023 (YOURS LOGMS)

What is ‘Young Researcher’s Session’?

Session for building a social network of young researchers participating in LOGMS 2023, which study logistics, data analysis, optimization and so on.

Who is ‘Young Researcher’ for?

A researcher with around 5 years (or less) of research experience in the relevant field, regardless of affiliation (university, research institute, companies, etc).

※ The above sentence is for reference only and can be applied at the discretion of the researcher.

How can I join ‘Young Researcher’s Session’?

Select “Yes” when you create a new account for LOGMS 2023,
and briefly state that you are a YOURS applicant when you submit a paper.


Special Session for ‘Young Researchers’; YOURS
- Special Issue of SCIE journals


When creating an account, only those who have checked Young Researcher can write articles.
If necessary, it can be written after editing in My Information.
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