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Privacy Policy and Usage Consent

This Privacy policy specifies the terms related to the management and handling of Personal Information of members or non-members (hereinafter referred to as “the Users”) using the websites of LOGMS 2023 Conference , including "".

We complies with all regulations on the protection of Personal Information specified in laws and regulations applicable to information and communication service providers, including the Privacy Protection Act of Republic of Korea and does its best to protect the rights and interests of the Users with the Personal Information Policy defined in accordance with applicable laws. The Personal Information Policy of the web sites is as follows:

1. Purpose of Collecting
We do not use the Personal Information for any purpose other than as stated in this article unless it is required by Privacy Protection Act or applicable regulations. If the purpose of use is changed, the necessary will be implemented, including obtaining consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Privacy Protection Act.

A. Website membership and management
B. Submission and management of abstract, paper and registration
C. Handling requests and questions

2. Term of Retaining and Use of Personal Information
We hold and uses the Personal Information provided by the Users during the period in which the Users use the services.
We dispose of information which was maintained for a certain period of time in accordance with the applicable laws.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information
We shall not disclose the Personal Information of Users to a third party or use the Personal Information of Users for purposes other than the purpose of the use of information specified in this Personal Information policy, without the prior consent of the Users, except when required by laws, government policies and government orders. We do not currently provide Personal Information to third parties.

4. Entrustment of Management of Personal Information
We entrust the Personal Information of members as follows for better services, and defines the terms of entrustment of Personal Information management for the safe management of Personal Information in accordance with laws. The following organizations perform the following duties:

A. Organizations entrusted to manage information
- Attention Point Co.: Website modification, supplementation, operation and maintenance, etc.

5. Liability of Users
Users need to prevent security breach by providing and maintaining their Personal Information in up-to-date condition. Any breach caused due to inaccurate information provided will be liable to the user. In case false information of others is provided, rights of the membership can be forfeited.

Users are given the rights to have their Personal Information protected but at the same time are given the obligation not to violate other’s personal information. Please take precaution in your own Personal Information and not damage others. In an occasion that damage to others occurs, such act can be punishable under the law.

When a user has been identified to have used other’s Personal Information to enroll, we will take necessary action immediately to the corresponding user ID.

6. Process to Personal Information
We handle the following Personal Information

A. Website membership and management
Required : Name, email address, Country of Residence
Optional : None

B. Automatically Generated Information
Following information may be collected during the course of processing services.
- IP Address, Cookies, Service Records, Access, etc

7. Method of Disposal of Personal Information
The Personal Information of Users is immediately disposed of after the purpose of its collection and use has been fulfilled. Personal Information saved in a digital format is deleted by using technology that prevents the recovery of records.

A. Procedure of disposal
- Information entered by Users for enrollment or other purposes is disposed of for the protection of information in accordance with the corporate policy and other applicable laws after the purpose of its collection has been fulfilled.
- The above information, unless otherwise required by law, shall not be used for purposes other than the original purpose.

B. Method of disposal
- Personal Information printed on paper is shredded or incinerated for disposal.
- Personal Information saved in a digital format is deleted by using technology that prevents the recovery of records.

8. Administrators in Charge of Management of Personal Information of Website
We will designate an administrator in charge of the management of the personal Information of Users, and strive to protect the Personal Information. The administrators in charge of the management of Personal Information of the website are as follows.

A. Charge of Management of Personal Information
- Name : Daeyeong Kim
- Position : Project Director
- Phone : +82-2-6951-5561
- FAX : +82-2-423-7701
- email address :

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I agree to the personal information processing policy and provision of personal information to third parties. (essential)